“Two thumbs up to Christina Rosales! A few months back, I took a superman dive down my basement stairs. The doctor said I didn’t break anything but Man-O-Man my body was messed up. I could barely move. My body felt like a bundle of knotted rope. Christina worked with me in finding EXACTLY what I needed to get me back to normal and on my feet again. She didn’t just give a full body massage. She pin pointed the problem areas and did her magic to make things all better. It only took one session. Since then I have returned to have her work on my torqued muscles brought on by rough housing with my 5 year old daughter. Whatever your needs are, I think Christina has it covered.”

“For the last six months I had been having right sided shoulder pain. I tried acupuncture, energy work and nothing seemed to help. After receiving deep tissue massage, the pain was greatly reduced. Even though the session was somewhat intense at times, I somehow managed to fall asleep. This speaks to the space that Christina creates, safe and comfortable. I highly recommend her work.”

“Since I was young, I have had chronic back and neck pain. I have been getting adjustments and massages since my teenage years. But I must say that getting massage from Christina has been the most relieving. She always goes out of her to make sure that I am comfortable on the table. Receiving massage on a regular basis has helped prevent my neck from freezing up like it use to.”

“Last year I strained my left calf muscle and could barely put any pressure on it for about two weeks. Aside from getting occasional chiropractic adjustments, Christina has been my go-to person for helping relieve tight leg muscles that seem to prevent me from even sitting comfortably. Getting deep tissue massage has helped me maintain my exercise routine without injuring myself. Plus, massage helps me sleep better.”

“I woke up one morning and couldn’t lift my arm without pain. I was referred to Christina by a friend and after the first session there was a significant amount of relief. Somehow Christina seemed to work with the problem spots that tend to get neglected during most massages.”